1.6 | An Interview with Iain Rob Wright, A Goosebumps Guess Along & A Sequel

This week we sat down with acclaimed Horror and Suspense author, Iain Rob Wright and asked the hard hitting questions like: “Will you be our best friend?” and “Why won’t you be our best friend?”

We also reveal the ending of this week’s Guess Along book, R.L. Stine’s It Came From Beneath the Sink! Will Kat defeat the spooooooooooky cursed sponge?!!

Find out all this and more in our sixth episode!

1.3 |Dame Ngaio Marsh, Iain Rob Wright & a Two Minute Mystery

This week on Crime Time we’re guessing along to Ngaio Marsh’s A Man Lay Dead, Lee reviews Sam by Iain Rob Wright (spoiler warning), we admit that we haven’t read Agatha Christie (but would love to hear your recommendations), and try out some Two Minute Mysteries!

Let us know your guesses here in the comments, via twitter, or email us at crimetimepodcast@gmail.com!

And remember to tune in next week to find out WHODUNNIT!