1.37 | Amityville, P.D. James, & Guess Along

Peter James is in perfect form with this week’s Guess Along book, Lee talks Amityville horrors while ignoring Eddie’s perfect demon impression, and Death Comes to Pemberley in a new segment To Be Continued!

1.15 | Paul Tremblay, Joe Hill & The Devil’s Hiccups

This week Lee and Eddie have a brand new microphone! That’s right listeners, feast your ears on the dulcet sounds of Lee’s hiccups, Eddie’s non-stop complaints, and the dissapointing ending to… The Truth!

Gasp in shock as your intrepid (foolish) hosts google how to download a ghost! Laugh with joy (and goodwill) as your charming (greedy) hosts ask you for some money! And finally, slow clap as Lee and Eddie give you great (shallow) insight into some pretty great books! Or just listen quietly, that works too!

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1.5 | YA & Children’s Crime Special

This week is our kids’ crime special! Lee talks YA with Patterson and Paetro’s Confessions of a Murder Suspect, Eddie takes a stroll down memory lane (think Enid Blyton, and 90’s tween mysteries), and we see the return of Two-Minute Mysteries!

We were hoping this week’s Guess Along would be child’s play, but it would seem R. L. Stine has us stumped! Tell us how you think this terrible tale will end! Read along as we try to untangle the mystery of It Came from Beneath the Sink! (It’s definitely a cursed sponge, but beyond that we’re absolutely washed up!)

1.3 |Dame Ngaio Marsh, Iain Rob Wright & a Two Minute Mystery

This week on Crime Time we’re guessing along to Ngaio Marsh’s A Man Lay Dead, Lee reviews Sam by Iain Rob Wright (spoiler warning), we admit that we haven’t read Agatha Christie (but would love to hear your recommendations), and try out some Two Minute Mysteries!

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And remember to tune in next week to find out WHODUNNIT!