1.50 | S.L. Grey, Sophie Hannah, & Instadrama

Agatha Christie’s Poirot books have been continued by Sophie Hannah and Eddie’s on the scene with all her little grey cells at the ready! Lee may never go on holiday again after reading The Apartment by S.L. Grey, and your wonderful hosts ask you what they should do if theoretically Peter James had found their instagram, and had maybe commented on it, and they maybe are freaking out. Hypothetically of course!

1.48 | Sarah Waters, Kazuo Ishiguro, & Flash Fiction

Eddie talks historical con artists, Lee finally gets to talk about Kazuo Ishiguro’s amazing Never Let Me Go, they both ponder on whether it’s possible to be a writer if you don’t read, and an exciting announcement is made!

That’s right (write !) Crime Time is having a friendly Flash Fiction competition, and we want to hear from you!!! For more details check out our competition page on our website, crimetimepod.com!

1.12.5 | Competition Winner & an Apology

It looks like Lee has fallen prey to Return of the Flu: The Sickening. That’s right, after bravely fighting off that most monstrous malady, Lee has relapsed into illness!

But we promised you a competition winner announcement, and this is it! Tune in next week for our Christmas special, when Lee will be back to her jolly self, and Eddie (who mostly just wanted to be mentioned out of sheer vanity) will be just as annoying as always!

In the meantime, feel free to send Lee your get well soon wishes on Twitter!