Beta Reading Service

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Over the years we’ve had many requests from Crime Time listeners to read manuscripts and provide feedback.  So we’re very excited to announce that we now offer a beta reading service for our book community!

Frank & Co. Readers is a digital beta reading service made up of a diverse range of passionate beta and sensitivity readers, from literary, mental health, and other various professional backgrounds. We work with you to bring your manuscript into perfect focus on the road to publishing!

An experienced Frank & Co. beta readers will test read your manuscript from the perspective of a ‘general reader. ‘  So if you want feedback on your book’s consistency, structural effectiveness, pacing, voice, characterization, readability, and reader satisfaction, then we’re the team for you!

Make sure to check out the testimonials page and to read about the range of beta readers available.

Find out what Frank & Co. Readers can offer you.  If you have a manuscript that needs a test drive, send it on over to us!