Crime Time is a Melbourne based podcast with a worldwide audience.  It’s co-hosted by 2 book-loving millennials discussing genre fiction through a fun and literary lens.

The podcast is an entry point for people unfamiliar with the genre, Crime Time regularly talks detection selections with a comical curve.lee-eddie-promo-pic-lee-texting-crop-1-plus-text-copy_1400x1400

With weekly releases and over 90 episodes to date, Crime Time is packed to the brim with books and banter. So joins Lee and Eddie, every Friday as we talk Crime Fiction, solve mysteries, share our favourite detection selections and attempt to solve the age-old question: ‘whodunnit?’


  1. Hi Lee and Eddie!!! I am almost caught up on your podcasts and am enjoying them so much! You ladies make me giggle and have added a ton of books to my “to read” list! Though I usually review books, I would love to review your podcast, with your permission! Let me know if you are OK with a review and links to your sites! 🙂 Thanks, Amy


  2. Thanks for the follow. I do enjoy the thrillers. Feel free to link to my past reviews. My current reads these days have mostly been thrillers because they’re fast and easy to read for one with a busy schedule. You’ve got great podcasts going on here.

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