A Melbourne crime fiction based podcast with a worldwide audience.  Crime Time is co-hosted by 2 book-loving millennials discussing genre fiction through a fun & literary lens.

It’s an entry point for people new to the genre or avid long-time readers.  With regular discussions of new and old mystery, sci-fi, horror, & crime fiction, delivered with a comical curve.


With regular releases and over 100 episodes to date, Crime Time is packed to the brim with books and banter. So join Lee and Eddie, as they talk Crime Fiction, solve mysteries, share their favourite detection selections and attempt to solve the age-old question: ‘whodunnit?’

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Reviews from iTunes

“Love your work guys, I love your podcast and the interaction between you two. You have come so far in the last few years. Very polished and natural. I’m passionate about reading and I never know what to read next, the suggestion are great. Next one will be The Nanny. Let you know what I think.”

“I found this podcast really recently. Since then I’ve downloaded all the back episodes and listened to them all. I really this podcast as I can tell both hosts are having a lot of fun producing each episodes, and they certainly know their genre. Keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed listening to each and every episode so far.”

“Love this podcast and the podcasters have excellent taste in crime fiction (yep it’s my favorite genre!)”

“Lee and Eddie are hilarious hosts discussing one of my favourite things in the world – crime fiction! I love their perspective on all things crime fiction and their fun segments like ‘guess along’ are super funny. If you’re a fan of the genre (especially a female, or a queer reader) you will love this podcast. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“Such a great podcast! Insightful and interesting chats about crime fiction with fun games and occasional politics. Can’t go past this one!”

“Great books, great hosts, great pod and plenty of great writes left to explore. Any time for John Sandford?”

“Firstly, I really enjoy Crime Time. Lee and Eddie are great fun and have distinct personalities which add a lot to the show. I’m sure there are small things that could be done to make the podcast more ‘polished’ but I really love how it’s not over produced – I feel like I’m sitting in their lounge room listening to them chat, listening to their actual opinions. Their enthusiasm has lead me to discover writers and genres I haven’t been exposed to – so thank you both for that!”


  1. Hi Lee and Eddie!!! I am almost caught up on your podcasts and am enjoying them so much! You ladies make me giggle and have added a ton of books to my “to read” list! Though I usually review books, I would love to review your podcast, with your permission! Let me know if you are OK with a review and links to your sites! 🙂 Thanks, Amy

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you so much, we’re glad you’re enjoying our work! We would be so flattered if you reviewed us! Feel free to link to anything you like!
      Cheers, Lee & Eddie

  2. Thanks for the follow. I do enjoy the thrillers. Feel free to link to my past reviews. My current reads these days have mostly been thrillers because they’re fast and easy to read for one with a busy schedule. You’ve got great podcasts going on here.

  3. “if you don’t fall in love with Lee and Eddie, you don’t have a heart” !! Woah this should be Crime Time’s new tag line! Thanks so much for such a lovely review!

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