1.41 | Peter May, Fairytales, & Grimm Conclusions

Are Grimm’s fairytales too grim? Is Eddie’s weird attitude now explained by a childhood full of weird folktales? Was Hans Christian Anderson the worst houseguest ever?

This week we delve into to the grimmer side of Disney, as well as finally review a book requested by one of our fantastic Patreon supporters with Peter May’s The Firemaker! Will tempers flare, or will our heroes simply fizzle out? The temperature is rising at Crime Time HQ! Will Lee and Eddie stand the heat of this intense novel, or will they get out of the kitchen? Is it out of the frying pan and into the fire? Will Eddie stop making fire puns? Not likely, but find out in this episode of Crime Time!

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Correction: Eddie says Go is Chinese Chess, but meant Xiangqi.
Read the original Grimm’s The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage here.
You can check out the new Pennywise here.


  1. Thanks guys – I enjoyed your review of Firemaker and thanks for being honest! It has been so long since I read it tbh I just hope that people check out more of his books. Did you go too far – FUCK NO! Loved it haha. Let me know if there is an issue with the next pledge too – I had to update some info and it was a bit confusing! I am really enjoying your podcast so much.

    Cheers Leanne

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