1.18 | Harlan Coben, Gillian Flynn, & Crimance

In this week’s episode Lee and Eddie Crimance a river (over you, dear listeners), chat about books out of order (and Lee’s betrayal of all that Eddie holds dear), and discuss the murky depths of the ever controversial (andwe’ve been belatedly informedmispronounced) Gillian Flynn.

If any listeners out there have recommendations for great Crimance reads to start Eddie off on her journey into the genre, let us know via Twitter!

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  1. Fun podcast! I was excited to hear about Crimance, because I think my series falls under that label, and I’d love to see it popularized. I write Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries (by C. A. Newsome). First book, “A Shot in the Bark” is perma-free at all major sellers. A big plus, and this is not a spoiler because if you don’t figure this out on the first page, you should not be reading my books, it features a female psychopath with dips into her thoughts all the way through.

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