1.9 | Jasper Fforde, Lisa Gardner, & Sherlock Holmes

In this week’s podcast, Lee reveals she has never read Sherlock Holmes, Eddie reveals that she is a book-nerd nerd, and they both Live to Tell you the ending of this week’s Guess Along book!

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1.8 | 25 Years of Frenching & Therapy

In this week’s episode Lee quizzes Eddie on anniversary gifts, we have a chat with Anne from Melbourne Escape Hunt, and we guess along to Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy.

If you’d like to check out an escape room in your area, you can check if there’s one nearby on their global site right here!


1.7 | Louise Welsh, An Escape Room & A Journal of Sin

In this week’s episode we try to escape from a room, talk about whether it’s appropriate to run a man down in your car for not calling you, and Lee tries to psychically contact Louise Welsh.

If you would like to read A Journal of Sin, by Darryl Donaghue check out his website here!