1.6 | An Interview with Iain Rob Wright, A Goosebumps Guess Along & A Sequel

This week we sat down with acclaimed Horror and Suspense author, Iain Rob Wright and asked the hard hitting questions like: “Will you be our best friend?” and “Why won’t you be our best friend?”

We also reveal the ending of this week’s Guess Along book, R.L. Stine’s It Came From Beneath the Sink! Will Kat defeat the spooooooooooky cursed sponge?!!

Find out all this and more in our sixth episode!

Tune in next week when we try out our first roving podcast and attempt a daring Room Escape Adventure!

Upcoming Episode – Interview with Iain Rob Wright

Stay tuned for Crime Time Podcast’s interview with acclaimed horror writer Iain Rob Wright.  Author of Sam, The Picture Frame and The Final Winter.  In a Crime Time tell all Iain answers the big questions.  What was the first Horror story he ever wrote? How long does it take him to finish a book? What does the future hold for his characters?  Find out this coming Friday.  Subscribe to Crime Time Podcast now on iTunes 

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1.5 | YA & Children’s Crime Special

This week is our kids’ crime special! Lee talks YA with Patterson and Paetro’s Confessions of a Murder Suspect, Eddie takes a stroll down memory lane (think Enid Blyton, and 90’s tween mysteries), and we see the return of Two-Minute Mysteries!

We were hoping this week’s Guess Along would be child’s play, but it would seem R. L. Stine has us stumped! Tell us how you think this terrible tale will end! Read along as we try to untangle the mystery of It Came from Beneath the Sink! (It’s definitely a cursed sponge, but beyond that we’re absolutely washed up!)

Tune in next week to see if Lee has made a splash with her guess! Or maybe Eddie has cleaned up again! Will we run out of sponge and cleaning related puns, or will our terrible humour sweep the globe?

Best sequel of all time?

We reckon Queen Liz 2 is one of the greatest sequels of all time, what do you guys think?

1.4 |Trash Talk (definitions), Sue Grafton & Stephen King film adaptations

In episode 4 we reveal the end of Ngaio Marsh’s A Man Lay Dead, congratulate Queen Lizzie 2 on being the best sequel in the biz, talk trash (definitions), and Eddie falls for the literal red herring.

Tune in next week for our children’s crime fiction special, featuring a Guess Along to one of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books!

Do you read books in sequence, or out of order?

Is it essential to read a series in order? Eddie says yes, but Lee says no!

Tell us what you think on our handy dandy poll below!